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UPDATE (2019/01/09): Happy new year everyone! We are happy to inform you that latest sets have been updated: Buffy Battles and Crossover are now here!
UPDATE (2018/10/30): New Defenders set has joined the party now!
UPDATE (2018/10/05): Ok, I'm not perfectly on time for those sets, but Spiderman friends and the Sinister Syndicate are now online. Enjoy!
UPDATE (2018/06/26): After the movies, your Marvel heroes and villains are back on cards. Welcome to the new Marvel Cinematic Universe sets
UPDATE (2018/05/08): The new Mutants have reached Xavier's University, let's play with them now!
UPDATE (2018/03/29): Brotherhood of Mutants has been released, get your decks ready!
UPDATE (2018/02/17): Monsters Unleashed, SHIELD vs Hydra, Predator and some of Deadpool sets have been added.
You can now export any deck to use it directly in Tabletop Simulator!
UPDATE (2017/06/09): Legacy cards have been added.
UPDATE: your new database is set.
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